"Welcome to Stumble Inn, Elmina, Ghana. At the moment we're the Central Region's best kept secret, but that's all about to change! Stumble Inn is a travellers rest in an idyllic beach front location - somewhere you can get away from it all and just be. It's a place you can visit for a few days, a base from which you can explore the best of what the Central Region has to offer, or if you're here as part of our ethical volunteer programme it will become your home from home - one with a beach, palm trees and even a whalebone!"


Elmina Castle

Although smaller and less popular than Cape Coast, Elmina is most definitely worth a visit if nothing to see the stunning castle on the coastline. Sprung from the humble beginnings of a small fishing town it became the Dutch headquarters in West Africa. Built in 1482 the castle is architecturally beautiful, the castle is a must for travellers to Ghana. Entrance is between US$4-6 plus an additional charge for cameras.

Cape Coast Castle

The world heritage site offers striking views over Ghana’s coastline whilst reminding visitors of the harsh realities of the slave trade. It is best to hire a guide when you arrive at the castle as the knowledge they provide on the tour id invaluable for those wishing to understand fully what they are looking at and its significance in Ghana’s history. Entrance will be between US$6-10 plus an additional charge for cameras.

Kakum National Park and Domama rock shrine

The best way to reach this beautiful part of Ghana is by trotro from Cape Coast which should take approximately an hour. Kakum is most famously known for its variety of vegetation which has been fiercely protected. In order to fund the conservation of the vegetation and wildlife which exist within the park tourists can pay US$10-12 to complete the canopy walk which takes you to the upper heights of the park offering breathtaking views. You would be advised to arrive early if you wish to do this as it gets very busy but please do not let this deter you as the park is definitely worth an overnight stay.

If you are going to make the journey to Kakum it is worth making a slight detour to the Domama Rock Shrine. The rock shrine can been seen by either guided visit for US$2 or canoe trip for slightly more. It is a further 8km from Kakum or can be reached by trotro if you go from Cape Coast to the Kotokraba Bus station.

Hans Cottage Botel

Visitors to the Hans Cottage Botel can choose to stay for a few nights or just make a day trip from Cape Coast to see this scenic lake, home to Ghana’s crocodiles. There is an array of reptiles, birds and vegetation which is worth seeing if time is sparse over the weekends.

Things to do further afield

Kokrobite Beach and Sole Forest Monkey Sanctuary. A very popular destination for travellers to Ghana based on its laid back and lovely atmosphere, particularly if you are a fan of reggae! Often used by those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the countries major cities this beach resort is the perfect solution and is easily reached from Accra.

About 4km from the beach it is worth visiting the Monkey Sanctuary, although do not be disappointed if you do not see any monkeys!


Kumasi is Ghana’s second biggest city and most definitely an experience which should not be missed if you have a little more time on your hands. Getting there by trotro is very simply as they leave regularly from the main bus station in Accra although do be prepared for it to be a little chaotic! Five hours later you will find yourself in the bustling capital with a selection of great places to eat and drink, numerous museums and a wonderful cultural centre to wonder around. The most striking feature of Kumasi is the market which appears to go on forever but should definitely not be missed!


Easily accessible by trotro from Takoradi this historical port is worth a visit as it holds what many call Ghana’s most spectacular of forts. While reports on Axim are mixed about what else there is to do there if you have any spare time on your hands it is worth a trip.


This wonderful fishing village has a historical fort that is well worth viewing. Not far from the village is Green Turtle Lodge, a popular Eco-Tourist Lodge that welcomes visitors to enjoy it's traquile and relaxed atomosphere.